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Welcome to Horst Pharmacy!  We have been serving our local Southeast Missouri community for over 30 years.  We have been specializing in pharmaceutical compounding for over 20 years.  Our goal is to prepare customized medications to help the healthcare provider and patient achieve a more positive therapeutic outcome.  To find out more about compounding, click here.  Please Contact Us today with any questions.


Your Full Service Pharmacy


Horst Pharmacy prepares customized medications to meet the unique needs of each patient and healthcare provider.  With over 20 years of pharmaceutical compounding experience, a state of the art lab, and a license with the Missouri State Board of Pharmacy, our credentials are unmatched.  Click here to find out more.

Consult with the Pharmacist

Questions about your medication?  Wondering about medicine interactions and side effects?  Are there other drug alternatives?  What is compounding, and is it right for you?  Get all your questions answered with a one on one consultation with a pharmacist.

Fill Prescriptions

Have a new prescriptions?  Want to transfer a prescription?  Have a refill request?  Click Here.

Insurance Filing

We accept most Insurance Policies, including Medicare and Medicaid.  We’ll file claims for you.  We’ll work with your insurance company and physician to get you the most affordable medicine.  Click here to find out if your insurance is accepted at Horst Pharmacy.

Delivery Options

Do you live near us?  We’ll deliver your medication directly to your door, or you can pick it up at the Pharmacy.  Do you live far away?  We’ll ship your medication to you.  MOST MEDICATIONS SHIP FOR FREE!  Contact Us today to see if yours qualifies for free shipping.

Nutritional Supplements

Did you know that your prescription medications can deplete valuable nutrients from your body; leaving you susceptible to more illnesses, fatigue, or unwanted side-effects?  We can help!  Ask Us about what vitamins or supplements you should be taking with your specific prescription medications.

Healthcare Facilities

If you or a loved one is in a nursing home, did you know that you can pick your pharmacy provider?  We supply medication to local healthcare facilities, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals.  We work closely with the medical staff at each of our facilities to promptly deliver medication.  And we participate in Bedside Delivery!  This service allows your physician to review your medications with you before leaving the hospital.  Call us 1.573.243.8173 / Toll Free 1.800.640.5940 today or fill out the Prescription Form to get started.

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Dosage forms

10 Ways to Administer Medications

In addition to compounding unique medications for each individuals’ specific needs, Horst Pharmacy can put those compound medications into a wide variety of dosage forms.  Some common dosage form examples include: Troches, which are “lozenges” that dissolve in the mouth. Emollient cream, which help keep the skin dry by reducing water loss from the epidermis […]

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Our Compounding Service Areas

What is Compounding?

What is Compounding?

Compounding is the traditional method of preparing customized medications to help meet unique physician and patient needs. Compounding pharmacists focus on providing innovative patient care.  This may involve compounding an eye drop in a sterile compounding lab, an injection for impotency, preparing medications for veterinarians, or providing natural, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  Also know as […]

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