Compound Prescription

For Physicians: How to Write a Prescription for a Compounded Medication

Compounded medications are simple to write.  The most complex part is choosing the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and the dosage form.  For assistance, please take a look at this list of brand name drug’s active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs or generic names).  Or Call us 573-243-8173 with any questions.
Example Compound Prescription

A compounded medication prescription must contain the following:

  • Begin with the title ‘Compounded Medication’
  • Write the Generic Name & Strength / Dose (see this list for reference)
  • Choose the Dosage Form and Quantity
  • Provide Directions for Use

We are happy to provide compounding suggestions upon request.  Please contact us for further assistance.

We provide compounding solutions for a variety of physician and veterinary needs.