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If you experience dryness or any other problem with your prescription Retin-A Cream we can re-formulate the compounded medication to meet your unique need.

Compounding is the traditional method of preparing customized medications to help meet unique physician and patient needs.  Compounded medications are developed with a specific patient’s needs in mind, verses the traditional bulk manufactured medications.

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Retinol.  This active ingredient causes the skin to turnover more quickly than normal, revealing the tighter (less wrinkled) skin underneath. It also removes the cedum that clogs pores, revealing the clearer skin underneath.

Proprietary moisturizing agent.  This moisturizing agent is not found in other commercially available products. It compliments the Retinol by allowing the active ingredient to exfoliate your skin without stripping away the moisture. Therefore, leaving your skin perfectly balanced and beautiful. 

Horst Pharmacy can compound your facial treatment in a variety of forms:

  • Cream
  • Lotion
  • Gel
  • Silicone based cream 

Some insurance plans cover the cost of compounded medications, and some do not. Even if your insurance plan does not cover compounded medications, you will be surprised to learn how affordable this customized medication can be.   Contact us today to find out your cost for Retain A Compound.

Medication Pick-up or Delivery Convenience

Compounds can be ready for pickup within 24 hours* of receiving the prescription.  We’ll call or text you when your medication is ready.

*Within pharmacy working hours

Free shipping if you would like to receive your medication by mail. Delivered via USPS; most packages arrive within 2 days.**

**Package can be overnighted for an additional charge.

Easy Med Sync

Could you benefit from our Easy Med Sync Program?

If you visit the pharmacy frequently, have a long drive to get here, or are a caregiver who manages many prescription every month, then Easy Med Sync is for you!
We will sync all your prescriptions together to be conveniently picked up or delivered once per month.
We will also refill maintenance prescriptions automatically.

Advantages of Compounding

You are probably wondering, what specific benefits can a compounded medication give me that a manufactured medication cannot? As mentioned before, the goal of compounding is to improve the therapeutic outcome, by solving the problem.  Problems, such as…

Horst Pharmacy can help solve these problems, and many more. We will work closely with you and your physician to develop the right compound to meet your specific need. We believe the foundation of the compounding profession is “The Triad” relationship between the patient, the pharmacist, and the physician.