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What Patients Love The Most

  • "Excellent service, not like the larger pharmacies that have you wait"
  • "Thank you for taking the time to discuss the different flavoring options"
  • "The bubble gum flavoring did the trick"
  • "Home delivery or Mail delivery services make this the best local pharmacy"

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Our Mission Statement

Horst Pharmacy is built on a foundation of honest business practices, making sure to follow all rules and regulations set by the Missouri State Board of Pharmacy. Horst Pharmacy is dedicated to providing the very best care to its customers through exemplary, efficient services and the highest quality, most effective products. We emphasize the patient-physician-pharmacist relationship. We work with physicians to get the necessary ingredients into a specific dosage form to fit the needs of the patient. We offer personalized care through the option of compounding. Horst Pharmacy can change dosage forms and strengths; eliminate preservatives, dyes and fillers; change flavors; and prepare discontinued products. Read more about us here »